Can be on open map with other players but no access to Forzathon and other online features

I am curious as to why I can be in the open world with other online players but all the features like AH, Forzathon, and such are greyed out, saying “Forza servers are unavailable at this time.” Not sure what’s going on, I didn’t get any ban notice and by all accounts it says servers are available, so I am just not sure as to what is going on.

How long have you been playing? Are you still in prologue? I think you might be able to get into online in Prologue, but still have reduced functionality, but honestly, it’s been so long… It could be that you just need to progress past prologue.

Are you sure you’re online? If you’re online, the online players appear as grey dots on your minimap, and everyone’s ghosted unless you’re in a convoy together. If you’re offline, the free-roam drivatar AI might look like online players, but appear as the Drivatar “D” icon. Also, collisions are on.

That does happen sometimes. Try restarting your xbox / pc.

Have they ever been available or are you new? If so, then yeah gotta make it through prologue.

However, I have found that since the last update (could be coincidence) that Xbox Live often does not engage at first startup. Check your home page on Xbox (where your profile is), are there options greyed out there too? It means Xbox Live has not connected. I typically have to hold the power off button for 10 seconds to reboot. A bit of a pain but it usually works.