Can anyone shed some light?

I used to play Forza a while back and I was wondering what is better with Forza these days? Steering Wheel or the Controller? What do the guys who have no1 laptimes use?

That’s two questions - what’s better? and what’s faster?

Many prefer a wheel because it is after all a driving game but I think you’ll find most of the fastest times are with controller.

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I completely agree. A steering wheel is much more fun though there’s some anxiety in not having a joystick to see around you (I’m sure this is different with other models) because you’ll most likely be in a cockpit/hood view mode instead of the outside chase cam. The proximity arrows that were added during the NASCAR pack update help immensely but nothing beats the far chase cam for visibility.

If you do use a wheel, make sure you set up one of the more convenient buttons to the “look behind” view because you’ll be using it a lot.

With a controller it’s much easier to get faster laptimes.

i would say using controller and third person view is the fastest but the steering wheel and a car cam is more fun and realistic.

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…can’t speak for everyone but in our club it is about 50/50 on wheel users… Our best use controllers it seems.
I read a post on here some time ago about this topic also. If I recall correctly, I read game leans in favor of controller… but with the right adjustments I believe you can adapt to either wheel or controller in time… I personally use a controller… I ran with wheel back in F3, it was cool. But when competition got serious, I elected to go back to controller! Lol! Honestly, the auto cross was too much for me on a wheel. After an hour or so of auto cross, I felt like I had just finished an hour or so of tennis on hard surface court!

Ask those who are in the FRC today.

They will say controller.

The OP looks familiar. Weren’t you one of the top guys back in the day?

I used to be quick but that was nearly 8 years ago. Back when I played FM3 Backone ABS used the wheel and I used the controller but it seemed like the ‘advantage’ I may of had on him in fm2 was definitely smaller. Which made me think the wheel by now would of been quicker. But what you guys have said seems to fit what others have said to me, its interesting because I would of thought the controller would be fairly useless compared to a wheel nowadays, but good’o. Thanks for the advice!!

Nah it’s the same ole same ole. The controller is probably a little better now though since we can now get feedback via rumbles when traction is getting lost and the lock up point is approaching.

I never knew backone used a wheel. Crazy.

What I’ve found, in general, the slower and less tractable under acceleration and braking, the faster the controller is over the wheel. I can beat my controller times with some of the fast, high downforce cars where precision pays, especially if they have sequential transmissions. The ability to do manual w/clutch on the controller is a HUGE advantage on the slow cars, plus the feedback you get from the triggers with the less tractable cars is a massive help as well.

You can either have the clutch button on the default setup or you can go without clutch and have the buttons available to look left/right/behind you - you haven’t have both because whatever shortsighted design decision and you still cannot map your wheel in the settings. You can have “auto clutch” with the wheel, but it’s slower than manual w/o clutch and for when I tested it, the auto clutch I was 1-1.5 seconds slower around Laguna Seca. The lack of clutch on the wheel definitely hurts in the lower class of cars so when I build I usually will spend the PI on a better clutch and transmission to reduce the shift times.

I drive with hoodcam and have the constant rearview mirror so looking behind isn’t too much of an issue. Since the proximity arrows were introduced, I haven’t used the sideview buttons all too often.

I’m far from the top ten, heck, I’m far from the top 100, but if I can crack the top 1000 or 2000 I’m happy.