Can any Japanese or American Cars get to X?

My friends and i do a 35 mile race around the whole island to test cars. The leaderboard is absolutely dominated by European cars with X ratings. Are there any American or Japanese cars that can compete? The only one i’ve found is the Corvette ZR1, but i simply can’t drive the thing. The closest i’ve come time wise is the Ford GT '17 but it seems to cap out at S2 - 985 and its about a minute off the pace for the top car. (top time is 12 minutes, the Ford GT is a 13 minute car).

I heard the Honda NSX '05 can get to X but i havent upgraded mine. Is that my best bet? are there any other US / Japan cars that are faster?

The newest Ford GT could get to X in FH3. Maybe it still can.

Hennessy Venom
Mosler MT900S
Hoonigan RS200
Hoonigan mustang
74 civic
Nismo GT-R LM FE
Nissan R390

I’m sure I’m missing a few. Some of these are great in X class (Mosler, gtr lm, nsx-r gt)… and some of them are very… um… “entertaining” in X (74 civic).

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