Can a really low, front anti-roll setting cause understeer?


It depends! What car, drive type, etc… Too much of an open-ended question, bottom-line, you can get it depending on some of the factors (and others) I just mentioned. Sometimes it is not caused by “it”, but, by the setup put together as far as build and/or tune.

With more specific details, maybe someone can provide a better response.


Im wondering because of my tune for my corvette zr1. It has the ls3 engine swapped in and has consistently shown mechanical understeer. The roll setting is about 4 front and 1 rear, weighs about 3300 give or take a $1.50 (no weight reduction mod), and the car has 51% fwd. Its PI is 600, front wheel width is max at 285mm.
Edit: its rwd.
I run each one of my cars initial tune at COTA West for its tight, windy, turns and the Corvette is pretty slow here because it cant have the gas slammed on till the front end finally turns in all the way. It does it in the slower turns so I know its mechanical grip that it needs more of.

And another question, in general, how does ride height affect spring rates? Like does an increase in ride height mean that the car should have a softer spring rate and vice versa?

If the front end is scraping off the ground due to it, yes.

Just getting back to this again. Which specific ZR1 are you referring too?? Not sure that conversion is in the set for any of the ZR1, and only 1-2 can manage into the B600 PI. Can you provide more specifics on car & build? Thank you!


Yes, it is the 95 ZR1. Stock it is in B so I just managed to get it in there with the engine swap. ( the LT1 or whatever is in there is unfortunately too old to use. Too bad cuz it’s a 7k rpm V8!)

So I have been going back to some of my other chevy’s & pontiacs and changed up what I usually set the ARB’s to and found that I can sometimes get a better handling car from that. I think I got this figured out then and thanks for the inputs.

More front tire width = more understeer. Some cars like max front tire width. Some cars hate it. Id venture you should drop to maybe just the first upgrade tier.

Also the ratio of front to rear antirollbars will impact the cars feel. Not sure why you’re running 4/1. Because your rear setting is as low as it’ll go, you don’t have much room to adjust the front. Your options right now with ARBs of 1 to the rear is some to a hell of a lot of understeer.

Leave the rear at like 15 and adjust the front after you change the build.

You can also do max weight reduction and max roll cage assuming roll cage reduces PI. It’s possible to achieve a better balance car with no tuning by playing with these two upgrades.

I think I know about understeer, I think you got that backwards.