Camera views for racing | NASCAR around the world

Im doing a new youtube series with Forza motorsport 6.

In NASCAR there is a line, square, etc (Depends on your TV broadcaster and year)

Pay attention to the line on the screen show positions of the drivers

i was wondering if there was someway to do that (without PC).

Please awnser to this because im doing this series and I want it to be high quality.

The next stop is road atlanta too and now here comes the Camera view part. Is there any way I can get a in cab view.

I would like a view like this (image below)

Please respond because that would be very helpful.




Without PC, no, there is not a way to do this. The ticker at the top could be used if you were spectating online, as FM6 has one built in. And also no way to do the in-car shots.

Oh ok, thank you