Camera / Photomode Peculiarities

Is it just me or it’s true that FH5 does not allow Photos with Extreme Counter Steering visible in the shot?
Here’s are the ones where I could muster.

But there is a need to be so deliberate, the shot looks staged (because it is).
It’s nearly impossible to catch mid race shots with rivals in the frame.

Let me know, Thanks !

Were these photos taken offline? If not the way the Horizon online works is that there is a little delay between pressing down on the d-pad and the photomode actually opening, where all controls are reset (i.e your steering returns to almost straight). Similarly, this delay is also seen when pausing the game and opening the photomode through the creative hub menu that way.

The only way I’ve found to avoid this is to go into horizon offline, and even then some people still report the issue pertaining.