How are people finding camber in FM6? So far it seems that the FM5 benefits of exaggerated camber have been nerfed - although I’m only basing that on the handful of cars I’ve tuned so far. There also seems to have been an increase in the effect of rolling resistance at higher camber levels. What are your experiences so far guys?

I noticed they are lower, Ive been using 2.5-2.0, dosent feel to bad but lets see what others say.

I try to make the heat stay even across the tire width, i’ve noticed that the cars pretty much do that without adjustments now at around 0,6 and 0,7 on most the cars i’ve been trying to tune. So i’ve been using a lot less camber than i did in FM4, I didn’t do much in FM5.

-1.5 to -1.0 is where most of mine are sitting.

Same…some cars even less on the rear

This^^^ My normal starting point for most of my tunes is -1.7 on the front and -1.2 on the rear. I adjust from there. It doesn’t seem to stray much from there.

Depends on the tires and downforce.

Stock/Street the highest I have is 1.0 I believe for front, and 4.0 caster.
Sport highest is around 1.4 and 4.5 caster.
Slick 2.3, decently high DF (200 range) and 5.0 caster.

Stock/Street - .4-.6
Sport - .8
Slick 1.3 I believe, 1.7 on high downforce.

Waaaaay down compared to 5. The high Camber’s make the cars drive awfully so far.

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I agree, have not found any benefit to the extreme settings of FM5.

i like the heat of the tires to be dispensed evenly, so the range of 0.9 to 1.3 works well for me.

I’ve tried all, high, low and mid and for the most part im staying at 1.1 to .5…now thats more like real physics to me and not the absurd extreme high camber settings than before

In FM4 I paid attention to the temp spread, but in FM5 I was going by the feel and the laptimes . With FM6 I’m still not sure what to go by. I suspect that camber has been kicked to the back of the shed and is no longer much of a tuning tool. I tried a range between -1 and -3 and found it hard to spot any real difference in cornering ability or times. So far it looks like aero is the new winner.

You will know by the sound of your tyres when you hit the sweet spot.

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Yes, I’d kind of twigged to this already. You don’t get much useful feedback from the feel of the car - or its actual pace, but the sound track varies quite a bit. There is a LOT of tyre noise in this game. Maybe it’s just a matter of decoding the audio. I seem to recall focusing on tyre sound when tuning somewhere in the distant past, maybe it was FM3 lol.

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Most of mine sit between -0.8 and -0.2

Most of mine have been -1.4 to -1.0 so far, lower than FM5.

Anywhere from -3.6 to -.5 so far.

And yes, some of those mega camber tunes drive perfectly. Other times it makes the car feel over responsive and a bit sketchy.

Working on a tune now that is -.5/-.5 and it still feels over responsive at times.

In a nutshell…it varies by a lot.

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Let s just say that fm6 is a mix of fm5 and fm4 for tuning.

Get the optimal temp for your tyres and then adjust your camber by feel. I m playing between -3 and -1 at the moment on different cars.

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Do we know what the optimal tyre temperature is yet for Forza Motorsport 6?

In Forza Motorsport 4 it was easier to define as the telemetry showed Green/Yellow/Red when it came to temps but the current UI is a little harder to decipher.

I’m also wondering about Tyre Pressure; I haven’t adjusted it yet in this game but in Forza Motorsport 4 a running pressure of 32.0 was seen as optimal.

31.5 - 32.5 PSI
205 - 215 degrees

I came up with these number because they are the highest and lowest I ever get when my tires are warmed up. On straights it sits at 32 PSI and 210 degrees.