Camber Tuning Question/Help

2 questions. For tuning camber do you measure the tire temps in the middle of the turn, end of the turn, or end of the lap? I hear all different things. 2… Should I try to get the tire to have the same temps from Inside to outside, or should I aim for the inside of the tire to be slightly hotter than the middle and outside? I know telementry is broke atm so I’m doing my tuning in F6 and then copying them over to F7.

You want the temps to be even across the tire at the part of the corner where you want the most grip. Better straight line acceleration or braking means less camber. More grip at the apex generally means more camber.

But… because the tire temperature readings in Forza are kind of unreliable as a tuning tool, to really know what range of camber settings a car likes you’ll want to do some testing and log some lap times. The telemetry screen is a good way to get a first adjustment in, but after that just see what goes faster and makes the car handle how you like. I like to optimize my front camber setting for the most lateral grip I can get while adding or subtracting at the rear to tweak the handling balance after I’m mostly happy with my springs and swaybars.

By the way, you can read the telemetry on replay. I often do a short race in freeplay without drivatars then view the replay. That way I can stop and start the replay to see the telemetry at different points in various turns.

With the telemetry not working with live dinamic camber and temps I tune my camber from the friction display. With FM7 I find i am using less camber than before, especality for the rear.

Thanks a bunch for the replies. So I’m aiming to have even tire temps across the tire at the point of the turn I would need the most grip at, is what I gather. This would be somewhere near mid turn for my driving style. I drive pretty traditionally, I straighten the car, brake, turn in, settle the car, clip the apex and power out.

How are you able to translate that screen into camber info? From the top of my head I think its more of a wheel to wheel thing right? All I can figure out from it is red means no grip, green means grip, lol. I would really like some tips on how to use this screen if you don’t mind.

Right on! This is what I have found in general for almost ALL cars in FM7.


red is that you are aksing for too much grip and so you loose grip.

So if your front inside goes red before the outside front goes red (in a turn) your problem is the outside tyer. So I lower the front caster or camber of the front to make the inside go red slightly later (and hopefully they both go red at the same time)

Same with the rear but I use toe for rear and camber for fine tuining it.

The tires take the temperatures by taking turns while driving , and return to their driving temperature in a straight line ,

I would say to do 3 or 4 laps on your circuit , with a sporty driving , to have their heating temperature ,

and with hot tires that’s for sure that you have to set the camber , with cold tires it is useless to adjust the alignment ,

and for the 3 sides of the tire , I do not think you have to rely on this , but rather on the global rolling temperature ,

since during a race everything can change , even the time of the rise in temperatures .