Camaro Zl1 1LE incredibly unrealistic shifting speeds

The stock ZL1 1LE shifts incredibly slow. The camaro shifts slower than the Z06/ZR1 which use the outdated 8 speed which is as fast as as DCT found on your average Porsche or Lamborghini.

The 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE uses the 10 speed which is a faster shifting transmission than the Z06 but shifts dramatically slower than the Z06

to which they put the 6 speed in the ZL1, The camaro Zl1 only comes with a 10 speed automatic.

No, it does not. From Chevrolet’s website:

Americans rarely put automatic transmissions on their most focused models anymore. C7 ZR1 was the first I’ve seen in recent times.


I just had to look it up myself, I was pretty sure it was not AUTO. Anything thats considered a sports car shouldnt be auto EVER. Steering wheel automated manual at the very least

GM puts Automatics in all of their cars. Considering the 10 speed is the fastest transmission ever built by GM they are putting in of all their cars. The 10 speed is way better for racing than the 6 speed manual. GM only sells a manual in the camaro and corvette, to which the Automatic is sold far more considering its 100x better than any manual transmission

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ah wait nvm i see what you’re saying.

The gotta side with the auto peeps on this one. The 10 speed is superior. Most high gear count ones are almost nothing more than a simplified CVT.

The 10L80 though uses multiple clutch packs sorta like a DCT, but it uses planetary gear assemblies which can give different outputs. Very strong, very fast.

So I support the suggestion. Give it the 10 speed, but no race transmission or clutch upgrade (final drive only) but the exchange is the super fast shifting

This also will give strength to not swapping awd. Lose a great transmission and power curve coverage when you swap. If you agree, be sure to send it as a suggestion.

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It’s better, but that’s beside the point, the truth is that the 1LE (all of them) can be specced with the manual, so the car in the game is accurate. If I’m not mistaken the 2018 Mustang doesn’t use the 10-speed either, while the F-150 Raptor does.

The M3 E92 in Forza is the year before DCT and 19’ rims, which I don’t like, considering the M5 is from 2009 (already the latest and best year), but it’s not a problem from an accuracy standpoint.

Race transmission is based on adjustability, not speed. In these cars it usually lowers shift time by 0.00s, indicating the upgrade has no impact on actual performance other than the ability to tune gears.

People have their preferences. I even prefer a 6 speed over a 7 speed. When it comes to racing, if youre on a course that you get up to top speed, shifting all the way back down to second is a tall task, even in a video game. I can agree the 8 speed autos in the 392 Chargers does keep you in a powerband but I drive a 6 speed manual daily, 4.76 FD. I’m always in the powerband. My setup is a 8600 redline, tuned my high cams to come on at 4500, so essentially i’m always in race mode/power curve. I’m not sure i’ll ever drive an auto IRL, I find it too boring

Its forza you can make your 20 speed if you had one a 3 speed with tuning. I have a 10 speed in my SUV, shifts super quick. although, with 10 gears driving around in manual mode probably isn’t the most relaxing things pressing a button every few seconds. Automatic on the other hand is perfect

I think the confusion is people hear auto and they think like some family van. GM automatics in particular are highly performance capable and just as fun as well as higher performing than the stick. With a ten speed, I can see gearing being too close and remove too much of the drivers control or consistent doubleshifting.

For performance? I find my ol hydramatics and t transmissions far more fun than a stick. Cause… You do know you can have full gearing control yeah? Even my auto sunbird gt and chevette I manual shift. Firmer and faster than ever possible on the stick and clutch.

So much misinformation in here :man_facepalming:. Anything with a “1LE” package is manual transmission only and you cannot get an auto with it.

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