California Drifter achievement glitched? (help)

So I’ve finally hit 15k points in Long beach on the rivals event and for some odd reason the cheevo didn’t pop up for me. So i did another two 15k laps (that nearly killed me) and it still didn’t pop up. So what gives?

Your leaderboard score only shows 13,124 you sure you didn’t get disconnected from the server while you were doing it.

I thought dirty laps counted, at least that’s what the week in review said.

It might be since you’ve already put up a clean lap it isn’t registering your dirty one.

No it still works. You need to complete the rewound lap with 15k and then choose finish from the top menu.

…well sh** this is outrageous. I can do a clean 15k if only if that stupid last turn isn’t so sharp! I keep drifting around it perfectly yet the game keeps saying the drift is bad :frowning:

I’ve done it. I had to pull a clean 15k lap. Not a dirty one. I’ll put the tune and car here for people to use.
Car: 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX
Name: CF Drifter
Location: Long Beach
Long Beach full
Keywords: Drift