C5Z S class drag tune

Hi, I have built plenty of drag cars in forza. But one car that’s giving me trouble is the c5 z06. Best 1/4mile time i can get is around a 10.7. My c6 is getting 10.6. Is there any1 who would help me reach a fast time? You can ad me here or post. Even if you don’t share your tunes at least tell me your times. Trying to see what’s possible Thanks for reading!. Jason.

Are you trying for a curtain PI class or all out ? I will give it a go and see what I can get out of it.

Just from throwing the car together and making a few passes it will go faster. The C5 in S700 trim no assists and no clutch slipping etc as a 3 speed with no boost and stock wheels I could run 10.35 10.36 without much finese at all really. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it but I built it without any boost, stock wheels, no upgrade to clutch, flywheel. engine cooler or brakes and sport engine displacement with a 2.90 final drive 1st 289 2nd 1.80 3rd 129 you can move the final drive up to 3.08 which I prefer the 3.08 setting personally … I tried it with full turbo (no coolers) and added wheels and upgraded everything to race that wasn’t as previously listed as an R3 car while the stats show lower it will go faster than the S700 build I put together but it’s not as user friendly either although it I did manage a 10.09 with it as R3.

I put up a replay on the Test Track 1/4 of the above S class with 3.08 gear doing 10.34