C class Lancia Delta for di Positano

Well, well, well … (three holes in the ground) a new tune and paint on Forza 3 ?!?

Yes indeed !

I’ve taken a little break from Driveclub on my PS4 of late because i’ve had the tuning and paint bug on Forza games. It satrted with a bit of Forza 4 (i’ve got new tunes in my FM4 storefront too !) and went to Froza 6 … but my favourite Forza game has always been Forza 3. I’ve had quite a few cars that i’d always been meaning to ‘finish that tune’ and to ‘do that paint for’ but one car i’ve always wanted to finish was the Lancia Delta for Rally di Positano in C class … and … now i have !

It is one of my trademark no aero tunes and has a typical livery by me to match. I always wanted to put a race gearbox in it specifically for di Positano and i’m very pleased with the way the car has turned out as a result. It handles well and has a fair amount of grip, it’ll navigate hairpins and sweepers very well and is capable of some very respectable times too, it should run Fujimi well too.

The one problem i have with it is that the front can seem a little light sometimes. It’s not a mojar problem though and drives very well for the most part. I’d be interested to see if some of the fatser drivers still run Positano and if so what they’d make of the car. I had a little go earlier though i’m using in car view and that makes me a tad slower as a direct result but i reckon i can run about 6:25.xxx which isn’t bad for no aero.

Anyway, the tune is in my sf, filename - DI POSITANO (in capitals lol) and the paint is in my sf, filename - Delta livery both for 15,000 cr

So there you go, a new tune and paint on FM3 XD