BV's May Photo Comp - The Beast Within - {Ended} ---CLOSED--- {Sponsored 100K or Car}




The Beast Within
Some say its all about power that makes a car good. The more horsepower the better right? Well prove them wrong!!! Take a picture of a car “IN ACTION” That STOCK is a Class D car.


  1. Car must be class D Stock
  2. You can add upgrades but the car must be sold in the showroom in the D class
  3. Your photo MUST show the car MOVING.
  4. You want to show that a small seemingly unsuspecting car can SHOW horsepower.
  5. No outside editing.
  6. Forza 5 photos ONLY.
  7. Picture MUST be posted in this thread to count.
  8. You are allowed as many changes as you want until 5/22/14 which is when this comp will close.
  9. Please let me know what prize you would like when you post your picture as well.

• 100,000 credits to each winner and each host(s) (and default prize if one of the other prizes is not specified)
OR, a Halo - Spartan Assault - Ford Mustang (black edition)
OR, a Zoo Tycoon - Ford Fiesta ST



Friedrich II

Kru Jones


iFSU Beetfarmer




Eat ur FACE01

My entry:

My entry!

If you get sponsored I would like the Halo - Spartan Assault - Ford Mustang (black edition).


Well,if it comes to me,than the Halo Spartan Mustang.

^ i think this car is properly “moving” LOL

My beast within entries.

pon2 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr]1
dart2 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr]2

Black edition mustang if I win.

Which one are you using ?

The first photo is my first entry.

pon2 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr]1

Black Edition Halo Mustang Plz

My beast:

In case of winning, Halo Ford Mustang (black edition)

Less then a week left… sorry for the late creation of my comp this month … I will have next months up as soon as the month starts.

French Fly anyone? (hooray bad puns!)

rb ds3 3 by EaturFACE01, on Flickr


Just bragging rights!


I’ll opt for the Halo car if I can snag a win.

Are we voting on this for a winner or are you judging it yourself BrokenVeg?

I have a people to judge the photos… Outside the community so to keep favorites from being picked. No worries if you dont win this time around there will be one next month, Newbies and pros can win, I like to have the ability to allow anyone actually win.

This month I asked for people to SHOW a class D car in action proving you dont need HP to be powerful… Here are your winners:

Friedrich II

iFSU Beetfarmer

Eat ur FACE01

Each of these photos shows a class D car in action showing off the possible HP that can be created with a seemingly unsuspecting car!

Congrats to everyone that took part in this months comp. Please come back for next months comp.

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Awesome! Thanks for the win!

same here,Thank you!