Buying Ultimate edition after trying with Game Pass

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing the game with my game pass on PC, but I plan to stop my recurring payment. I am playing the standard edition right now, but want to buy ultimate edition, thus pay for the base game and the expansions as well. What do you reckon will happen? Will the system recognize, that I have the base game and install the expansions on top of it or will it try to download another instance of everything including the base game? thanks for your help in advance!

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Base game is the same so it shouldnt redownload it
You will probably need to download the expansions etc
They are all separate to the base game

I did this. I bought Ultimate after playing on Game Pass. Everything just installed ok automatically. As a consequence though, now having VIP I have too much money and too many wheelspins. LOL

Thank you guys. I did buy the ultimate and it prompted me to redownload the whole package first, but I didn’t comply. And after I restarted the game without downloading anything the whole ultimate content was available.