Buying high mileage cars

I am looking for high mileage cars to buy. If you got something, contact me.

Whats this got too do with tuning??

Sounds to me that if you have a good car your going to drive it a lot and RD3 wants the tune hes also trying to get vinyl’s by running a IFY comp. In the fantasy paint section.

The game keeps track of mileage? Do they get loose after a while? LOL.

It’s not for the tune or the design FAA MAD JAMMER, you can erase the paint and reset the tuning setup, I just want a big number. My best is 1,600km.

Like the high-win cars in FM 2 or 3 i guess… collected them too :slight_smile:
No sense-just nice!

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So there’s no real benefit in having high mileage cars? Personally, it wouldn’t be the same to me because those miles aren’t my own.


I have a few cars with around 2000 miles
Edit : Game reset thanks to microsoft tech suport

I don’t know if anyone is still watching this thread and I know we’re not comparing stats but I have a car as of right now it has 18,980.34 miles with total winnings at 19,761,669 CR, and no you can’t have my BABY. and no wolf the performance doesn’t change.

If you’re not going to give it to the guy, then why mention it? And I’ve noticed minor changes in performance but that just might be me seeing something that’s not there.

there is no difference in performance from the car in relation to the number of miles its been driven. what you are probably noticing is you getting comfortable with the car its self. for example, if you were to run 10 laps around fujimi, those miles driven wouldnt make your car any faster, or perform any different, but what it would do is make the car more predictable. you would know what to expect from each turn weather youre going up hill or down hill. the only minor change you could be noticing is tire wear, and thats assuming youre racing simulation damage.