Buying FH3

If I bought the ultimate edition would I get the cars from the car packs that are in the car pass. Or how does that work?

Yes, the Ultimate Edition includes the Car Pass, which covers the first six monthly car packs. In the game you get one of each car for free. If you want more than one of any particular car, you can buy duplicates with in-game credits.

You will be able to add the free cars to your garage after you get past the introductory phase of the game and the car dealership becomes available. It takes maybe half an hour to an hour to get to that point.

I’m sure you already know this, but I will state it just to be clear because some people have a problem with reading comprehension: The two expansions (Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels), as well as the subsequent car packs after the first six, are not included in the Ultimate Edition.