Buying Credits


I was wondering if you can buy credits in Forza Horizon 3 and how to do this?
If you can’t what is the best way to make them fast?


Some opportunities to earn credits come from using Horizon Edition cars with Credit Boost, applying credit Perks to Rivals or other events, and challenging Drivatars to head-to-head races on the streets. Also make sure you redeem your Forza Rewards (menu at the top of the site, or in game menu or Forza Hub) on a weekly basis.

Buying credits is not necessary at all. All you have to do is drive/ do skills and drive.

Street races and midnight battles pay well
Head to head with against drivatars with golden cross hairs pays quite a lot
Do exhibition/ championships blue printed for not elapse to maximize drive time.

I’ve bought every very expensive car/ have almost 30mil credits. Just play the game. You don’t have the real $$ to even come close to making the credits just driving in the game will yield you.

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Save 200k to buy a Credit boost HE car from Auction Car. Both the Mini Cooper and Lambo Countach are readily available at 200k. You’ll start seeing return of investment within an hour.

Everyone should have the lambo countach already…shouldnt need to buy it
I just created a new account the on the weekend and received it in the gifts as well as all the other previous gift cars as well

Oh if it’s retroactive then there you go.

Combine that with skillpoints for double payouts and you’re good to go. (I have nearly 400 unused skillpoints…)

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Can I change my CR’s at the exchange rate in MM’s post please…

“The conversion rate is 1 Credit = 500 Tokens” although later in the same sentence… “so a car valued at 25,000 credits is worth 50 tokens”

yikes, thanks for catching that.

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