Buying cars is...painful

So, I timed it, it takes the game about 35 seconds to save after buying EACH car. Look, if it’s gonna take that long, let us disable auto save. I get it’s a big game, but…I feel like whenever I go, “Right, I have LOTS of credits, time to buy a bunch of cars!” The game goes, “Not so fast! We’re gonna have to file the insurance, pink slips, vin number, how many times you plan on changing the paint, if you’re gonna let your little sister drive it…”


Saving paintjobs takes a million years too


It doesn’t help when the DLC cars aren’t added to your garage automatically like in FM7. I’ve got to manually add each car to my garage from the Bond and FD packs.


The worst part of it is that there is no tab for “free cars”. You have to press RB twenty times to get to the James Bond cars, select one, buy it, wait for saving and animations, go back to dealer, press RB twenty times … That’s another level of annoying.


There is a DLC cars section , small bit on the left side of screen in the cars tab


You can sort cars via price. I hated that the cars were added in FM7. I don’t want some cars in my garage now or ever :smiley:

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I totally agree!

How do you even buy them? went into the shop to get my DLC cars and the currency says free or whatever but the buy button at the top left doesn’t do anything and when I click A on it it just brings me into player made liveries.

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When it gets there just press Y to select paint colour pick one then you get option to buy this car after that.

That only takes you to the DLC overview, you can’t buy the cars from there.

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Yes, you can. There is a DLC Cars section of the auto show. This was how I solved the issue of having to scroll all the way to their various sections. It really is easy, just keep looking for that small square.

I promise you, there is an easy way.

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Well, it’s too late now. :smiley:

Same as fh3, filter by value, scroll left to free, select car, rinse and repeat. Slow, but easy to find free cars.

You can just sort cars from the cheapest to the most expensive, then DLC cars will be at the beggining of the list.


The DLC section is the quickest way to get to the ‘free’ cars. Unfortunately though they all appear to be marked as ‘Purchased’ even if you haven’t yet picked them up so you need to keep track of the ones you have already ‘bought’.

As an alternative you can also open the Autoshow, press X to sort by value and hit the left bumper a couple of times to show all of the free vehicles in one place. This will correctly show the ones you have not already picked up as they will say ‘Free’ as opposed to ‘Purchased’.

Loading times were bad even in the demo. This can be annoying.

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Takes waaaaay to long to buy em yes. Very annoying.

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I bought a Jag earlier and I the game was saving for so long I thought it had crashed! On a One X too.

Hopefully it will calm down over the weekend and it’s just the servers being hammered on the (early) release day.

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hmmm…loading times…SSD could be a solution

It’s not the loading times that are the issue - not for me at least. It’s the time the game takes to save data to the cloud save.