Buy a TX? or Wait for the new Fanatec XB one wheel.

I am kind of on the fence here. I would like a racing wheel, (for 360 I had one) and loved using it. But that one I just simply sat on my lap.

I would like to get a new wheel that I can use on my XBone and my PC for iracing etc.

I was just about to buy the TX when I popped over to fanatec and they announced that new wheels are coming.

Here are my thoughts.

The TX wheel has had a lot of issues. It is however only $295ish at most retailers.

The only decent looking wheelstand that I can find is roughly 200 shipped. So that brings it up to about $500.00

The Fanatec XBox ONE wheel will very likely cost less than $400. And you can add on a fanatec wheel stand for $90.

I would have pulled the trigger on the TX if not for the issues and the fact that it is $200 for a little metal stand that collapses.

What advice do you offer?

Fanatec announced a wheel other than the $600 (without a wheel rim) Club Sport Wheel? If so, then this is news to me.

From what I gather with Fanatec’s announcement, is the first wheel rim compatible with the CSW V1 or V2 will be announced soon. It’s kind of funny that they are announcing it; because, it’s been known about since late September 2014. I think announcing it would be redundant, it would be better to reveal it. But that’s just my opinion.

Speaking of my opinion. I see the TX as more of an immediate gratification, where you have a long wait just to be allowed the privilege of paying for a CSW base. Then you got to wait for the Xbone compatible wheel rim (or Universal wheel Hub) and purchase that to go with the wheel. Then you have to at least buy a set of pedals to go with the wheel base, and the wheel rim. Oh and if you want a shifter, you have some options, but you got to buy that too.

At least the TX comes with a cheap set of pedals to go along with it’s headaches. That means you can at least sample the wheel before you send it back to get it finalized (if you’re patient). You can also get pedals and a shifter for the TX, but you are at the mercy of demand exceeding supply, and the wait times that come with such a situation.

So, you can spend a little less money for the TX and be prepared to invest in aspirin and shipping costs, or pay a great deal more and wait until who knows when, for the Xbone wheel rim. You wont get you up and running on the Xbox One with out it. But in both scenarios, you are going to spend a lot of time. Right now the TX costs less time than the CSW Xbone wheel package.

I use a drafting desk I got when 16, and an AK Racing task chair. I’m not the best source for wheel stands.

If I was dead set on getting a stand, I’d lean towards something like the GT Omega stand.

If I were going full cockpit and not building it myself, I’d go with Sim-Seat’s SR-X.

DIY, I’d break out the PVC and pay a local auto parts re-claimer a visit for an inexpensive seat.

None of what I posted is snazzy, but they are decent options. However there is more options out there, than you could possibly imagine. Pay a visit and look in their hardware section. There is a stand/rig list that would make your jaw drop.

I know they are the “competition” and all, but there is some great information over there that will help you immensely.

Hes going to need the aspirin for more then just the costs…


The fanatec…

It will break…

Eh… Anything will break.

Have the CSW V2’s been dropping left and right?

There is a number of reports of them failing in similiar ways as the V1, amongst various other things.

If you are shelling out for a CSW full kit out, you may as well look at the accuforce pro!

Could you link me to some of those reports? I´m interested in one and want to know what kind of stuff should I or shouldn´t I expect.

Some I could, some I cant.

Go to GTPlanet and look around.
You will find a number of users that are sticking with their modded V1’s over the V2. You will find others looking for V1’s to mod.

Its just typical fanatec

If you want a wheel that lasts you are looking at either the Logitech G27, or you pony up for the simexperience accuforce pro. Everything else in between will break (more often/frequently)

I am an usual reader of GT Planet and I don´t see such issues you are talking about apart from a very small minority. Of course they stick with their modded wheels. The motors are better.
The experience with a G27 after a Clubsport Wheel is absolute crap.
Anyhow their price changes are rather ridiculous. I mean, 70+ euros? What? I can understand a small increase due to the euro drop but that is way too much. This won´t last.
Thank God I´m not in the market right now. If this continues, no Clubsport for me.
I´d rather have a T500RS which has proven to be reliable and it works great. I drive with it weekly and it is a good wheel.
The boring part of it is that I don´t need the pedals.

How common are TX issues? What kind of issues are they?

That’s a hard decision. If you’re willing to wait to see what Fanatec brings out at a lower price point, then I’d say wait. Just keep in mind they just announced it and they are a rather small company, so the wheel itself may not come out for several months. I used to have the TX wheel and it’s a very good wheel despite the problems they have and I had to replace my base once, but they sent me a new one free of charge. Thrustmasters customer service is a little difficult to deal with as they are located in France and it took almost 2 weeks until they sent me a new one. That one worked flawlessly until I sold it. I wish I hadn’t because I actually just bought the Thrustmaster Spider wheel(no FFB) to hold me over until I see what Fanatec does. As for stands or cockpits, it all depends on how much room you have and how much extra you’re willing to spend. For stands, I second Wilko in that the GT Omega is probably the best stand out there and can be converted into a full cockpit down the road if you choose. With actual cockpits, there are so many out there with different designs and you would just have to find the one you like best. Good luck and happy racing!

It’s what I’m doing. I already have expressed that I wanted a replacement base for my CSR. Yes the CSW is a much better product, but it’s also 3 times the price of the CSR. That’s just too steep for me. And the CSR got the job done with next to no issues, besides the one that Microsoft caused when all wheels worked like crap.

I imagine that Fanatec is getting more money with each CSW V2 being sold as exclusive. Still the whole invite thing, appears to be a way to control inventory shortages. I wonder if they’d be able to meet demand once a $250-$300 wheelbase is released?

If Fanatec was thinking, they’d make the lower cost wheelbase compatible with the Club Sport wheel rims. Just a way to widen the appeal of their Universal hub or some of the other wheel rims they got. It would also take a massive amount of wind out of Thrustmaster’s sails when it comes to a similarly priced product.

Mr Apocalypse05 trust me get the TX

It’s incredible. Though there are issues. When I first got my tx it was faulty and I had to send it back and I got a replacement. But O MY GOD IT IS GOOD. I run my Tx with the playseat evolution and I am considering getting new t3pa pro pedals. Believe me I wouldn’t have spent around €650 on my set-up if it wasn’t good. I run 270 degrees wheel rotation at 100% force feedback and it is so good. It has improved my lap times so much in forza 5 that I am cosistantly setting lap times within the to 1000 - 500 on the leaderboard. I am way faster with my wheel than the controller. Another plus side is that the TX is very customisable. If you are willing to spend the money you can get a dream setup. Heres a link to all the customises you can do for the TX.

What is your sensitivity set at? (How many flashes?)

Btw, Fanatec just announced that prices will go up (immediately) by 20-35% in the European webshop. The CSW V2 is now 749.95/699.95€

Their “excuse” is the EUR/USD exchange rate and 2 years warranty (EU) instead of 1 year (US)

Considering that, after the price increase, a CSW V2 including the Porsche rim is now just about 300-400 dollars less than an Accuforce with standard rim and universal hub…what where they thinking?

Fanatec is playing in the wrong league now…

according to users with the accuforce pro… Nothing comes close.

I wanted one, but with the AU $ tanking, it was going to end up double the price with customs duty etc.

I never had a chance to try one, but a friend was lucky enough to get his hands on one at a race weekend at Hockenheim. They nearly had to forcefully remove him from the booth after he used up his 10 minutes :slight_smile: He was actually so excited that he went back just before they closed the booth and smooth talked himself into another 15 minutes of sim-wheel glory

I’m also on the fence for one, but it defo wont happen before end of year. I’ll keep my TX for my console-fix and go for the accuforce instead of the new fanatec. I guess I would need to upgrade my rig first, otherwise i couldn’t run it higher than “Child Mode” without completely ripping its mount apart g

whats even crazier, the accuforce wheel/base itself is basically nearly the same price as the CSWv2+Rim. The controller box adds up another 300 dollar. Geez, thats suicide, Fanatec! Its now too expensive for the typical console player, and sim-racers with a proper budget will add another one or two months of savings and go straight for the accuforce.

its now 4 times the price of a TX458/T300 and about 25% cheaper than a direct-drive wheel…thats some bad positioning here :smiley: