Buy 400 cars? Seriously?

Sorry, this is a bit of a moan, but to get an accolade and a car that I’ve already had from a wheelspin I have to buy 250 more cars? Really? I have all possible cars already and ground out the final 20 for the accolade to get 150, bought them upgraded with presets to make it marginally more interesting as a gift. But to buy 250 more and send them as gifts? That’s a lot of time. Okay, my choice, I don’t have to do it. Just seems like arbitrary grinding with little pleasure; at present it’s not even guaranteed that if someone does send thanks that the Kudos score goes up (if we’re in a race while it happens we don’t get it). Rant over.

It was a bit time consuming, but I got a lot by grinding out for skill points in the Hoonicorn 2, buying Trans Ams or other inexpensive cars with Super Wheelspins in the Car Mastery, redeeming skill points for Super Wheelspins, giving away or removing the purchased cars from the garage, and then repeating. You make a hefty credit profit - usually. Move up the Presitge ranking, and eventually get the accolade.

If you have lots of spare credits, quickest way is buy out a bunch of generic cars from the auction house for 11,000 credits each. Then remove them from your garage or give them away.

That won’t work for the mentioned accolade because it has to be from the Autoshow. Would have to be 20,000 credit cars for the cheapest option. Just 8,000,000 credits assuming you are staring from zero but that is a lot of time buying them and then getting rid of them all.

If you have the Car Pass, I think Car Pass cars count toward the total needed. But that is just a drop in the bucket.

lol… Please, just remove them from the garage, nobody wants them as “gifts”… I mean, it’s a nice idea, poorly managed (what isn’t in the game), but stop the insanity. I don’t think new players would even want most of the cars clogging up the Gift cycle. I know I’m tired of the junk. Unless you’re tuning them up so they have some value, just remove them. And again, I’m sure some of the givers are well meaning, but suspect most are just doing it for the stupid Kudos and it’s so pointless. But, I have to keep checking because OCD and maybe some (I know there are some) are actually giving Gifts of value. Although I can’t recall getting one that felt like it in ages.

Do not give away 11,000 credit cars. You will annot more people than will appreciate the gift. Just bin them!

I gifted to new players to try and avoid that happening…

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I’m a returning FH4 player, and I’ve got 309 hours in FH5 so far. I still get cars gifted to me that I know (having gifted 180+ cars myself) were sent to “New” players, Also ones that were gifted to people who have supposedly just gotten through the story line. The system is broken. Don’t gift garbage cars, because they aren’t going to anyone who will ever want or need them.

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When it’s a cheap car buy 25 weekly forzathon cars and auction them, for the first few days of the week…

I don’t know, I got it at some point, and I wasn’t intentionally trying to. I don’t personally think it’s that big of an ask, as it’s meant to be a long term achievement, not something to grind out all at once.

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I think this tedious grind is fine because it’s an accolade. It would be an entirely different story though if it was a weekly challenge like the Bentley 100 mile drive. Honestly it boggles mind how a challenge like this with such a poor reward (5 points) is pushed out for all players to do in order for them to complete the series.

Po-tay-toe, Po-tat-oh… I’d sooner drive 500 miles in the Bentley for any reward (lot of things will come from just the drive) than this pointless Buy grind for a stupid Accolade. Of course my OCD won’t let me not work on it.

…and then there’s the endless “Gifts” clogging up the servers and wasting everyone’s time from doing this grind and giving away the garbage cars they bought. Just Remove From Garage, it’s quicker.

I look at accolades as achievements from world of warcraft because imo they are identical just different names. If you don’t know about achievements in wow they are basically endless, some easy others extremely hard and extremely time consuming. The point being no one in their right mind would try and get all achievements or accolades in this case.

Personally I don’t chase accolades. I kind of like seeing that i achieved something I didn’t know I was doing.

I’ve bought, what I think, a LOT of cars from the Autoshow to the point there is no car left for me to buy that I dont already have and I have, apparently, bought 157 from the Autoshow. I dont see myself buying another 243 to get an accolade and a car I already have either :smiley:

I’m sure there’s people who will do it and enjoy it, good for them but unless it happens by accident I wont be gettign that accolade, methinks

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It won’t take long if you buy them from the collector’s screen. Choose the cheapest car and just press the Y button on the gamepad to buy it. It’s much faster than buying cars from the autoshow.


Has anyone confirmed whether this works? I’m fairly sure it doesn’t as I have purchased nearly all my cars through this method and have a relatively low number of cars shown as purchased in the Autoshow.

You get a 22 M car from that mission. Also buy from the collection screen which is much faster.

In all fairness, that 22 million only applies if you buy it from the Autoshow, on the Auction House it sells for a fraction of that amount so the actual value to you, as a player, is probably very different.

I feel like I need to make a clip from the interview where Mike Brown talked about accolades. There’s a point where he turns the the camera and says “We know some people are going to try and complete all of them, but the expectation of the player is that they pick and choose what they want to do, and ignore what they don’t want to do.”

I might be paraphrasing slightly, but that was the general gist of it.

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I’m chipping away slowly at this, but I’m in no rush. Picking bits of the replies above, when I have a pile of skill points I’ll buy a few Pontiacs from the collection screen, unlock enough to get the super wheel spin then bin them (I agree, nobody wants these as gifts). I DO gift the decent wheel spin cars to new players though (and sell back the junk) including a few of the multi million credit ones and FE’s. This way it seems to be a win win for everyone :blush: