Button Mapping issue

I am simply trying to switch the clutch and handbrake position on the default layout 1 to play with the controls I have used for the last several Forza Horizons when I use my controller. The issue is the map does not have a button assigned which apparently is fine for every default layout. However, when I make my swap of the handbrake and clutch button mapping becomes required for the map and I cannot save my change. It clearly says none assigned for the map on all default control layouts. Why is it breaking my ability to save one change.

If I am successful doing that I would then like to assign telemetry to a button. And apparently there are not layers to this. In past Forza left and right on the D pad cycled telemetry once it was brought up. The same buttons also cycled the radio. I can’t set it to both. How do I set this up like in previous Forzas?

Anyone else have button mapping issues?

Am I doing something wrong?


I have the same issue. ANNA as well as the map aren’t mapped by default but once I want a custom setup they are required. Butchered my view options on the right stick to make it work but it’s atrocious.
Also can’t cycle through the different pages of telemetry.

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It’s in advanced control settings. I just found it. You can not set it up that way in the normal controls menu.

I’ve looked in advanced and it’s not there. I think that option is only there for keyboard and mouse/PC players

Those options are only there for default mappings I found out…

My workaround:
Select a profile without any assigned buttons. Then only assign the wanted ones. It saves correctly although map and ANNA are marked as required.
Only if you edit a profile it won’t work.

I have the same issue on controller and on the logitech g920 wheel. Just refuses to leave anna and link as none assigned, even when I turn them features off in settings.

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