button mappin, ffb, handbrake

been playing since start with a thrustmaster tx,thrustmaster h pattern and fanatec handbrake.

in the demo everything worked fine while in the first period of the full game i had to edit the config file to make everything work again(and it did) however 2(i think) updates ago everything changed.
if i use the tx leather edition mapping ALL buttons are wrong and even double mapped (and no handbrake)
if i try to make a custom profile everything is mapped correctly but i lose ALL force feedback and feeling in the wheel.
did by chance anybody find a workaround for this PLEASE?

i posted about this already some time before,but it got burried in the forum.

thanx in advance

This may be a similar issue that hopefully might help!

Just installed FH4 on PC and had similar issue with My TX base… originally I purchased the 458 Italia package, but later upgraded to include T3PA-Pro pedals, and Ferrari GTE Rim… Latest firmware update 54.xx was also installed

At first after launching on PC My wheel was not interacting as it should… turns out, I had to use the keyboard to edit control settings for wheel to be the TX Leather edition… before my button mapping matched what is expected by the game… Part of my process was to select each TX setup in controls setting… Then save with keyboard… Then test buttons (like 9 button aka B on Xbox aka “radio” on this rim). once i found the map that matched buttons when played on Xbox, everything was fine…

so… select defaults one by one using keyboard to save change, followed by test… repeat if test fails… until you get one that works.

Other option is custom button mapping using one of the custom wheel slots, but you must assign all ‘!’ controls… many have gotten stuck here as well…

Hope this helps anyone with similar issue

HNT Awesome