Buttkicker And Buttshaker inconstancy due to no volume customization

I find it hard or near impossible to get the desired effect on my buttkicker in Forza. This is mainly due to but kicker being a low frequency device and cars audio being a low to high frequency. The rumble cuts out half way through the power band. Achieving high frequency is possible by turning the volume up however this means increased effect from other sounds. namely the rewind and menu traversal sounds effects feel like putting a jackhammer to my back. This could be easily overcome if the were volume sliders, where i could turn down menu volume and anything i don’t want ruining my driving experience. But there aren’t any. What feature did we gain by omitting the standard volume sliders? When i think simulation the first thought that comes to mind is Customization. Enough customization to provide the desired experience. It’s a shame that everything is customizable except the sound that you hear. Please consider Fixing this and if you cant please take the time to explain why not… Or I will find a make a wish child and bribe them to make this their dying wish because thats what it seems like it takes to get a response from the GODS

I’m currently looking into upgrading my racing seat with a buttkicker, and would like to see this addressed also. Sure there are several games I can use it with on my pc, but it would be great to be able to use it effectively with forza as well.