Business Payout

…±12k everyday fo 30 stars
…might have just as well not pay me (to ease u’r apparent “rate of inflation” to stabilize u’r “forza economy”)

•Thanx for getting rid of Club Ladders as well…, something that paid MUCH BETTER (which would probably have caused a meltdown in this “economy”)
Reaching Bronze Level, from Inactive, PAID DOUBLE THAT!!!

I hope that this game’s price doesn’t get slashed as bad as TC2 did

Yes, you’re right. Plenty of skills for 30 stars, and 12k daily is really funny reward. 12k*30days=360k montly = 4.3m early. It will be noice at least to triple this reward :slight_smile:

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FM7 - Your Drivatar has appeared in 30 odd races and earned 4,000 credits (if you’re lucky)

Credits are a lot harder to come by in FH4 compared to FH3, but they’re readily available to everyone, you just need to work a little harder for them.

I couldn’t care less what my Drivatar made (coz like i said there was a sweet honeypot in the Club Ladder Tier System, which payed handsomely, but being denied of it this time around)
I wouldn’t bother raising a flag about the poor payout, if they didn’t bother with it in the 1st place. I’m glad u think it’s plenty & happy with such a low expectation.

& btw: For a HYPERCAR BUSINESS that is a TERRIBLE INCOME…, might as well close my doors then.

I know about that, thank u very much & don’t need to be reminded of it (seeing that i’m Tier 8)…, i’ve made millions cashing in off that in other Forzas.

You get more credits by going to this site every week for whatever reason and clicking give rewards.
Also thanks for making me realize I could level the business up to 30 for more payout. Do they really expect us to replay the same content to level up? Couldn’t come up with more races?
edit: nvm, apparently that is just the categories like Road Racing, that have more levels than races. The rental business gets you to level 30 upon completing all the missions.

Lucky you, I sometimes get less than 12k!

Personally, I don’t mind the little payout, better than nothing. But do you really have to inform us about it every day with a mail? And what dark forces influence the payout sum? It’s not always 12k flat.

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My question on it is why is it payed out every 24 hours instead of after a certain time like the drivatar payouts on all the other games?

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone, but for some reason I do not have the option to collect my business payouts. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

There has never been the option to collect business payouts for anyone
What you get is a notification in messages that it has already been paid