Is there a way to do burnouts without the car slowly edging forward because in real life’s cars do not do that is anybody knows how to do it can they please comment how to do it. By the way I’m talking about when you hold the gas and then slowly release the brakes and the rear wheels start spinning

Tune the car with upgraded brakes, put all brake force to the front, mount wider tires in front, put a lot of camber on the back wheels, maybe fiddle with absolute pudding-like springs on the back, job done?

Which in turn will make the car undrivable. Not sure why you would mod a car beyond drivability, just to do burnouts. Not all cars stay still IRL either. Want to heat your tires? Either donut off the start, or allow father time to take control and start hot lapping around lap 3.

I gave an answer within the parameters of the initial question; nowhere it said the car needed to do burnouts and run top-500 times on 80% of the tracks.


Who doesn’t love a good burn out?