Bunny is back! Hot Wheels classic design series!

Whew! It’s been…what?..almost 3 years since I’ve been in the forums! I sat out both Horizons and FM5, but now I’m back for FM6!

I will be working with my old friends at the newly revived Nitrous Oxide Garage (NOG)!

But for now, I wanted to get my feet wet again with some simple but fun paints. I’m a classic Hot Wheels collector, so I wanted to recreate some of my favorites on cars in the game! I’ve done 4 so far, so I’m presenting them here for you now! Of course, all these designs have been shared! Just search for “Bunny” and you’ll find them! Enjoy, and please hit that like button!

#1 - 57 Chevy - This design was introduced in 1977, and is one of my all time favorites!

#2 - Staff Car - This design is based on an Olds 442. The Staff Car remains one of the rarest cars in Hot Wheels history. To find one in excellent shape is very difficult…and expensive!

#3 - Maxi Taxi - Also based on an Olds 442, the Maxi Taxi is much more common, but such a cool design!

#4 - Z Whiz - Based on a Datsun 240Z, this model had a few paint variations. I might make one of them later for a limited run!

I’m also working on a paint/tune collab with the famous NoGoldie! Look for that in the future! Til then, I may pop a few more of these great old Hot Wheels designs! It’s great to be back, and thanks for reading!

Nice work so far bud, good to see you back.

Some nice designs here.