Built a FH3 level & EXP calculator

[Edit: 10/12/18]

I redid this calculator at → I Built a Forza Level and EXP Calculator - Forza Horizon 4 Discussion - Forza Motorsport Forums

Thank you guys, i hit nearly 1,000+user usage in the life time of it.

The comments below are from 1 year ago w/ the previous calculator.

Any ideas for the filler in the exp section?

Edit: Fixed a error with a function causing the EXP section to be 1 level off.

Thanks I’m level 1197…

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Really ? !

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Spelling error in ‘CaLculator’.



Just run mine through and I am at Level 1280 by the calculator! Must be someone else better than that if my Club is anything to go by. Thanks.


I have over 133M XP and I’m second on my friends list the top one on it has 230M which is Level 1683…

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Is their any errors? Like did anyone get their level wrong? I fixed 1 the other day.

I am happy you are enjoying this. This is all based on research (a topic post on this website, click the word research in my first post) so i am not sure if anything is off.

People over level 1,000 cant see their level, so i made this. You could also plug in your level (if below 1,000) to see your total exp.

Some of the equations i used :smiley:

E = level * 20,000.
E = 300 * level + 20,000.
E = level * 20,000 + 93,605,000

Going by this, somebody on my friends list who runs one of the top 3 clubs on the leaderboard is level 2302. I wonder what the highest level so far is?

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I’m not sure, but i’m guessing he is the highest level. He can always use my calculator to check his level (exp → level).

accidentally posted the same reply twice…

Bug fix: The EXP section of the calculator would be 1 level off (too low). For example, level 2 would appear as level 1. Very small error that has been fixed, no worries.

I fixed this because their was a typo in my findLevel(expR) function that caused it to return your level -1. The new return statement looks like return lvl + 1; .

Update: Is now suitable for all screen sizes. Users on screens smaller then 1920 x 1080 will have to click and drag however.

Take a look at jQuery. You can easily grab the users window size and scale accordingly (especially handy for people who are not always using a maximised window)

I could use Javascript or @media to scale it, but it would take a long time and i think just putting a preset would be the simplest solution. I have tried a lot of different methods but none of worked but this.

A simple function like this would change it to 80% of the screen width, just run the function on loading the page and give your main DIV the class=“mypagesection”

function changesize() {
var conv = 0.80;
var newsectionwidth = parseInt(conv * $(window).width());
$(".mypagesection").css(“min-width”, newsectionwidth + “px”);

obviously you can change the names of the variables

Update: added a CSS flexible grid. (Good tutorial → How to Create Website Layouts Using CSS Grid | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial - YouTube)

It should resize on different screens now.

I also added some color so it doesn’t blend into background.

Yeah, but then i would need to go through all the different screen widths and heights and see how i need to change it, which would take a long time.