[Build & Tune] D 350 1994 NISSAN 240SX SE

having just read DOC62765’s post, I thought hmmmmm… nice idea, posting a decent tune for an inexpensive, accessible car - but why not POST a tune for an inexpensive, accessible car? ;^) …for example:

1994 NISSAN 240SX SE

if you don’t already have one; there seems to be plenty, on the cheap in the Auction House (check) so… how about a zero cost (assuming 100% affinity) tune? (discount double check!) - get in it, goto the upgrade menu…


upgrade shop:

sport cam & brakes.

race springs, anti-roll bars, weight reduction, transmission, and differential.

stock compound 225/55 R 15 F & R (2nd up from stock)

and… that’s it!

You should now have a full-up D 350… (there’s no room in this build for wheels, body parts… all that fluff ;^)

and don’t forget: >setup manager, save current setup.

exit (B)

now goto the tune setup menu…

tune setup:

tire pressure: 35.0 F / 35.0 R

final drive: 4.08

1st: 3.63
2nd: 2.20
3rd: 1.54
4th: 1.21
5th: 1.00
6th: 0.77

camber: -0.8 F / -0.5 R
toe: 0.0 F / 0.0 R
caster: 2.4

arb: 28.10 F / 22.40 R
springs: 549.00 F / 538.00 R
ride height: 7.0 F / 7.0 R

rebound: 7.7 F / 7.4 R
bump: 6.1 F / 6.0 R

accel: 33%
decel: 15%

don’t forget: >setup manager, save current setup!

exit (B)

…ready, set, GO!

I “stole” the transmission out of a Silvia, try some other gearing, experiment…

…worked well on Indy GP (1%), Bernese Alps, Silverstone… but, take it wherever… post some times/feedback, if you like ;^)


(if you don’t want to be bothered rollin’ your own, this in my storefront - and you can always rate it there, if you like ;^)

I made some changes to this tune after a little bit of feedback, but I don’t have the new settings right here in front of me at the moment…

I did upload the latest to my storefront though ;^)

(just sayin’ ;^)

Probably the best change you could have made is the Tire pressure.
35 lbs. is too high, but I may try the car for myself and then post what I have.