Buick riviera 1966 3d project

Hello everyone i would like to see a classic car to forza horizan 5 and i have a 3d model its buick riviera 1966 3d it is possible to send my 3d model ?

Would be a great car to add, however I’m under the impression their modeling goes far beyond a typical external 3D rendering (interior, underhood, undercar, coloring/shading, sounds, etc) – One of the Forza Monthly streams indicated it takes an average of a year to bring a car into the game, and that’s assuming there’s no licensing snags, etc. I find it hard to believe that there’s any licensing issues for our beloved Buicks (and Oldsmobiles of course) since Buick’s in game already (and there’s at least a teasing of the '66 Toro coming in the next series.)

If their eventlab creator and paint-booth livery editor are any kind of guide, they probably model their cars with some combination of string, electron microscopes, silly putty, and an abacus, so trying to import data from something “normal” is probably far beyond their capabilities.

One of the challenges, I’m sure, to getting a car in-game, is getting access to a “mint” condition specimen of whatever they’re trying to add, and having access for enough time to do their modelling (and recording the audio throughout various in-motion vehicle load conditions) – I suspect that’s a matter of days if not weeks. That timeframe and risk factor likely turns off a lot of potential contributors (although for as many recycled audio files that they apparently use, I’m sure their standards are subject to being waived…)

I’d love to see a LOT more Buicks in the game, but I’m sure they’re much more eager to work on all the cars that nobody wants… :pensive:

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Yes its true i will do all my best like donations to make sure that car will be released to fh5 but it is too hard sadly :pensive:

Możliwe że spadnie standard samochodów ale oby nie za dużo, jak na przykład w Assetto Corsie