[Bugs] Extreme graphics is not working properly

My PC:
2k screen.
And installed in SSD. Updated windows10 and graphic driver.
Looks powerful right?
But the graphics looks not even better than the demo videos and Xbox. (A friend playing on Xbox saying he didn’t have these issues)
I set MSAAx8 and still get a lot of aliasing. I set FXAA on but the image is not blurred at all. (I know how FXAA works)
And I did restart the game and even my PC.
The plants are loaded really near to player.
And the textures a little bit far is really low quality.
I know you got LOD optimization ,but this is way worse than I expected and worse than the demo videos.

Some other bugs:
The view in car gets an overwhelming brightness.
The car is still moving when I enter photo mode.
Hair of the player gets wrong transparent rendering.
Player’s actions freeze when setting the seismometer on volcano.

Crash when launch(I encountered a few times but it’s ok now,many other people are still in trouble)

Completely agree with everything you are saying as I am seeing the EXACT same thing with all specs maxed (I’m running a 3080). I compared to the xbox series x as well - and the series X is looking more crisp.

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