Bugs/Errors I’ve noticed [XBOX]

I’ve been playing Motorsport 7 since September 29th, And I have seen my fair share of glitches and bugs and they never seem to get fixed ? I just thought I’d list them in case you guys weren’t aware or something.

• The telemetry page you can pull up when you are racing seems to be bugged, The inputs of the throttle braking clutch and steering are messed up same with the spring offset and there may be more problems I have not seen in there aswell but i encountered this after the March update I think.

•There is a blue box that appears in forzavista mode at the bottom of the screen.

•On Sonoma raceway when you are loading in you can see a car in the background falling through the map, this is only happens once and is on the screen you get once the track is loaded.

•The 1966 Chaparral #66 Chaparral Cars 2E drivatar positioning is wrong he/she isn’t correctly in the seat.

•The 2011 HSV GTS camera cockpit view (view where you can see you hands) appears to be way to close up this may not necessarily be a glitch it may be game design but it doesn’t look right and when you are in the Forzavista mode the camera clips through the seat when you are sitting in the drivers side this happens on a few other cars aswell.

•The Tail light under the wing on the 1996 HSV GTSR flickers when the camera or car turns into a certain position.

•Headlights don’t work on cars at night, If you select a car it will work but if you change that and select back the headlights won’t work again it’s a bit hard to explain but try it and see for yourself.

•The badges on the Ford performance vehicles (the Ute and the gt-f) and the 2014 hsv gts and the interior badge on the wheel of the 1966 hsv gtsr seem to reflect way too much and you often can’t see them as they are blacked out.

( ? Suggestions ? )

•The drivatar (player) is often seated way too low than they should be in the cockpit this is noticeable big time in the hsv maloo and the hsv gen f gts, This applies for a few other cars aswell.

•Maybe have an option to toggle on/off headlights during the day as the tunnels at Dubai and rio are waay to dark too see what’s going on. Also on the topic when you select DAY it sometimes puts it late in the evening. eg mazda raceway, Bathurst and this makes it difficult too see so I suppose another reason to have the ability to toggle headlights ?

Anyway these were the bugs I’ve encountered there are plenty more aswell ( not being rude) that I may have overlooked but these are the bugs I have encountered on the Xbox one sorry if this post was too long or something of that nature I’m new to the forums I just thought I’d let you guys know about the errors that myself and other players have stumbled upon.

Ps sorry for the excessive use of the word (the) and I do not have a massive fan gasm over the hsv’s and the two fpv’s I just encountered those bugs or what not when I was driving them.

Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com