Bugs and UI Problems

I will list some things i’ve noticed in FM6 which might need some tweaking by the T10 devs.

Splitscreen Prize Spin
If the second player (on bottom) gets a price spin in splitscreen it will be given to the first player (on top).

Car paint
Matte Painted Hood
A matte painted hood is displayed as glossy in first person and hood view.

Rivals Spec Challenge
When you select a different color for the car before the race, it will always be reverted to the default color.

Paint Translation
Brushed Aluminum is mismatched to Polished Aluminum in the german version.
Wood colors are translated to Wald (forrest) instead of Holz in the german version.

Special Colors Order
The camo pattern paints follow the order of polished > matte. The order is inverted for the Realistic Camo Woodland paints.


In some areas the UI is unfortunately hard to read. This is because of the font size, color and/or transparency.

Info panel is cut off more or less, depending on the car.

Gifted credits info gets shown as ‘already added to your account’ while you still have to download the credits to get them.

Usually 1-2 of the drivatars/AI gain an extreme lead while you try to get thru the other cars on the track in front of you. This is making it very hard or even impossible to catch up with them.

Night Racing
Broken headlights will not be fixed in the pit. Might not be an issue on some of the tracks with additional lightsources, but on some it is pitch black without working headlights.

What’s wrong with this thread?

Forza Motoraport 6 bug list.