Bugreport breaking balance and splitscreen sound

I dont know, if this has been mentioned yet.

If I change the breaking balance to front, it is actually changed to rear, the exact opposite. You can test this by balancing 100% to front or rear.
Maybe this is the reason, why cars are almost not to handle, if all assist are off except ABS.

Sound in split screen is buggy. (and cockpit view is missing, which also almost counts as a bug)

The reversed breaking balance adjustment is a known issue and likely won’t be fixed in Forza Motorsport 5 so as to maintain the usability of all existing tunes. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in Forza Motorspot 6.

As for split screen, there is no cockpit view because the screen is halved and displaying the cockpit would certainly remove most of the viewable area of the road ahead. It is not a bug.

But FM4 had the cockpit view.

“The times, they are a changin’.”

I have always assumed that the lack of cockpit view in splitscreen was a lag/software limitation thing because I can’t think of any other reason why. Whatever the reason is, it’s probably the same reason as why you can’t watch a Drivatar’s cockpit view in replays.

Also, carrying features over from FM4 to FM5 is not as easy as it was from e.g. FM3 to FM4. The first reason is because it’s on a new console, so I assume the assets all had to be recreated rather than transferred. Also another very important reason is because FM5 was a launch title - releasing a game as a launch title generally makes it hard to have as much content as a non-launch title. This will have greatly contributed to there being some features missing from FM4. I expect FM6 will add a big amount of improvements and new features over FM5 because, unlike FM5, it won’t be a launch title.