Buggies championship (what’s the point)

I don’t normally post on forums but this I must add , if a game has a championship surly there must be a chance to win as a player right ? I can win nearly every other championship I enter even if I have to do it a few times to learn the track first on average I’m probably 3rd/4th after the first or second try and then progress to a win and that includes dirt tracks , cross country and rally stages BUT buggies ? apart from perhaps once or twice getting 5th or 6th the ai just pass me like I’m about 3 classes below even on inexperienced I can manage no better than about 4th at a push , it destroys the game especially as the playlist %age involves them , I just don’t get why with a good game does it have to kick you in the knackers it’s not just frustrating it’s annoying especially for those that have paid good money for the game , is there a solution or do we just stop playing the buggy championship as it’s the games only downfall

For Seasonal Events with the Buggies, I almost always use the VW Class 5 Baja Bug (or whatever it’s called)…usually is a bit slower in a straight line but is much more stable in cornering. Can’t remember which tune I use offhand but there’s some really good tunes for it out there.

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It’s not so bad, just pick the car that works well for you and get a decent tune (by yourself or somebody else) and its almost easy mode on.

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No he’s right, the Buggy races (particularly the one that happens every Easter, “Easter Buggy”) are a hair-ripping, controller-throwing mess of a race. The first race in the series can be won using the VW Bug, but the next 2 you are going to get smoked by the much faster 2wd Chollas…I think that’s what they are…I’ve never won this, and I don’t own the bunny suit as a result :slight_smile: I know someone must be able to complete this race and more power to you…it’s beyond me to get it done without trying a dozen times and, frankly, the rewards are never worth it to keep trying.

Sorry to hear that. Guess I was lucky, as I was able to win on every trial race I entered in 2 series. For me the main rivals were RZR’s, Cholla’s weren’t that bad.
Idk, some crazy driving and hope none of “special” team mates don’t block you too much at the start. Rest is hope that those who are there just for the ride quit, before they drag you down along with them and cost you the championship.

Agree on the Baja. Great car. A few killer tunes, and stable. Rarely loose save for bad landings.

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No worries, Buggies just isn’t fun to keep re-trying for me…glad you guys have figured out a secret, I can do VW easily and win the first race in that series but by the time you hit the 3rd (Airport with the shipping containers?) it’s a lost cause,e very time I try it…

People still play buggy crosscountry trials in this game? lmao…

Unless you really want the seasonal reward and you need to reach 80%, so you need to do the trial… just avoid it. Like every single reasonable person.

I guess new players will need to “eat” buggy trials for the rewards, but i dont know many experienced players that actually play the trial anymore lol. If it isnt funny why the hell are you going to do it?

Avoid crosscountry with buggies, specially trials. Its a pure mess, a laughable AI superman fest and its not fun anymore since ages ago.

If you struggle with the buggies then there may be something wrong with your controller settings, because buggies aren’t all that hard. But when I tried to add a wheel to FH4 it screwed up my controller, and all of a sudden buggies were impossible to drive even with a controller. So controller settings have to be exactly right to drive buggies.