BUG SINCE LAUNCH STILL NOT FIXED - Clutch cranking sound on wheel when using manual w/clutch

Can’t believe after 2 months of myself and others posting about this bug, it still hasn’t been fixed.

When using a Logitech G920 Wheel with the Logitech Shifter unless the clutch is 100% fully down the car makes a cranking sound in game. Never had this problem on a Forza game before but it makes using a wheel and shifter unbearable with the constant cranking sounds most gear changes in driver view.

Please fix this asap, I want to be able to use my wheel properly.

Agree 100% but I have no hope that they will fix this bug.

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I highly doubt it also as they seem to just ignore the playerbase wheel wise. The cranking noise literally made me stop playing the game!

g920 user here too. I have completely stopped playing this game due to poor wheel support. I even forked out $100 for the ultimate edition in hopes that it would be taken care of. Part of the issue is that the deadzone sliders don’t even work in the game. If that was fixed we could have the clutch engage with less pedal travel.

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You’re spot on! The deadzones have been useless since launch, yet the developers just seem to ignore complaints about it. For a $100 game this is a joke.

Still not being looked into?

Come on :unamused:

This is a joke. They know about the issue and not doing anything. Maybe if we spam their support page it will help?