BUG: Road Atlanta Formula Drift Section

Since driving Road Atlanta, I have noticed that on the Formula Drift section, the track has a drop in it which the car sinks in to.

Yeah there was another topic about this but it has been blasted away to some page far away hehehe. Video of it when you hit it at speed:

This was a run where I survived it, all other attempts made me spin out.


Yes Turn10 please fix! I normally do not post on forums but as a huge Forza and Formula Drift fan I was super pumped to learn that there was no longer a speed/grip handicap on the FD section of Atlanta. But that excitement was quickly decimated as there is a massive drop in the road that simply makes battling here impossible. Please fix this turn 10 - otherwise game is amazing! Thanks


I was excited when I heard sticky grass was getting removed, but then I found out about this bug… That’s very unfortunate. I wonder if it’s even possible to patch it. I’d appreciate a comment from t10 about this. I don’t mind a “no it’s not possible to patch it” but I absolutely hate silence. I like developers that are very open about their games.

I suggest that everyone that wants a fix(or at least an answer) to be vocal with T10 about it. Maybe try twitter or email. But dont sit back and think “This guy complained already so I guess I dont have to” The more people that complain the better the chance for a response.

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Please fix this problem. I’ve been wanting to drift the Road Atlanta Formula Drift section on current generation Forza games but have not been able to do so properly.Forza Motorsport 6 Road Atlanta Formula Drift Section Bug

It seems like this wouldn’t be a tough issue to fix at all. Hopefully it’s fixed fairly soon

Looks like the bump from Road America made its way into Road Atlanta as a ditch

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