Bug Report: Assisted steering turns left without warning

Xbox One with standard controller. This happens mostly in a race, the car will suddenly turn left. It feels like the game is taking over and all I have in controls is a horn. The assisted braking is annoying, but nothing is like watching a car act like your wife grabbed the wheel! I have a huge list of bugs, but I can not find the correct forum for this. I am a retired software engineer who has worked in the gaming industry.

This happens to me all the time, during races, whilst attempting danger signs in forzathon events, i use assisted steering (and why shouldnt i ?), it is extremely frustrating, and in my opinion shouldnt exist in the game. I am sure a fix could be found.

Maybe good reason would be that it’s make you faster, lot faster. and i dont know abaout you but when i like play games i want play those myself not just holding trigger and watching game driving byself.

Or maybe they should use asst stearing and braking to make it easier to themself, i was bored so i tested trial with those settings in first race those settings really just mess up everything, but in 2nd and 3rd race those work better, still need use some amount stearing myself to watch that assisted steering stays on the road and last race i was even able to win with time 1.46 (same car without assists i do that race 10s faster)

Assisted steering
Didnt realize it had it
Isnt that for when you cant steer yourself ???
Wont it just follow the driving line
Assisted braking as well ???
If you rubber band the accelerator will the car just do the whole race by itself

Im confused…isnt it working as intended…steering by itself ???

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I remember one of the early F1 games had this. All you had to do was put your foot on the floor and steer. And if you weren’t quick enough turning it nudged it way for you.

Maybe that’s what they need to do for this weeks Trails. Master turn on Asst steering and braking along with the Unbeatable difficulty/


Lol, assisted steering and breaking makes you so much slower. Wonder if that’s why no one beats trial?(well not no one obviously, but seems like it by the complaints)

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To fix the bug…

…turn off assisted steering.


So, you use a feature in the game, the feature is broken? Turn off the feature.

Customer to mechanic the car you sold me, explodes when i use it!
Mechanic: stop using it.

How about the devs putting some effort in to fixing some og the 1000s of bugs, and how about we start using this forum to be constructive, and help each other, rather than point fingers, and be idiots.

@OP on some cars, it happens on normal steering too. Seems like you hit an invisible rock, and the car just zooms left or right,. Completely out of control. The Mosler is VERY good at this.

Assisted steering is a sort of idiotic auto pilot. It’s working as intended. If you don’t like the fact that it’s doing what it’s supposed to, then don’t use it.

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If you disable all assists you still have easy game to play. That assist is probably for 3yo kids not for adults :smiley:

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So try the game without these “Assistet” options, you will be much faster, but acquires more attention. Please read the tooltip next time.

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It’s a Tesla Autopilot simulator.