Bug peinture jantes

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je vous fais parvenir ce post car je constate un bug d’affichage lors de la mise en peinture du type de peinture 2 des jantes. en effet j’applique la peinture sur les jantes mais la peintre ce mets que d’un coté de la voiture

coté droit

coté gauche

Hello LordThiberus, le forum étant en Anglais, il y a peu de chances que tu obtiennes une réponse de cette façon, google translate est ton ami …

Translating in English as support for a french mate.

I am posting here as I am experiementing a display bug when I try to paint type 2 of Rim. The modification is applied only on 1 side of the car.

Right side

Left side

is it a bug only in the garage / paint shop?

what if you get in the car and view it out on the road?

Google translate:
est-ce un bug uniquement dans le garage / atelier de peinture?

Et si vous montiez dans la voiture et la regardiez sur la route?

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I’ve had many bugs show up in the paint shop, never noticed this before, but that could be because the rims are always last and I never really check all around after painting them.
I do know that centering a vinyl on a car does not mean it is actually centered. I noticed this several times after leaving the paint booth, once outside the racing stripe is not always centered like it was in the booth. I have had vinyls shift after updates, still got the rear end of a Nissan to fix after a previous update shifted halfway across the back of the car.
That design was like over lapping leaves and was a real pain to get aligned without looking too horrible, now I gotta do it again someday.
Best bet when working on a paint job is to save often and go outside to have a look around just to be sure it’s not a display glitch. Oh, and when actually painting a car you might want to do the same to ensure it’s actually the color you want. What looked like a purple tint on chrome turned out to actually be more pink in the sunshine.
Keep asking maintenance to replace the lightbulbs but they keep ignoring us. Radio stations that nobody listens too are more important apparently.

that not just in paint shop it’s same on road :confused:

Yeah…, might wanna look at this Thread which was MONTHS ago, that didn’t get any attention


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