Bug list? Or can someone confirm if it's just me?

Hey all! I’ve been experiencing some issues with my new download of FM7 and was wondering if anyone else experiences the same things?
I’ll kick off my list but I don’t remember all the things i’ve encountered.

  1. Going back into an upgrade sometimes highlights the stock item rather than the currently installed upgraded item. Going back a level and then choosing again then shows the installed part as the highlighted part.
    e.g: upgrade tyres to sport, go back, do something else, go back into tyres and stock is selected but sport is installed. Happens 1 in 5 times?

  2. Each race starts in 3rd person (car?) view regardless of the camera set in my preferences.

  3. Sometimes my race keeps me in 3rd person/car view instead of switching to cockpit view.
    i.e It stays in the 3rd person view that the race always annoyingly starts in. It means I have to cycle through the views while accelerating/steering/shifting at the beginning of the race… or quit and reload and try for a clean start again.

  4. If I press “A” to skip the cutscene of the cars arriving at the grid or the rolling start, there is no throttle control until the countdown reaches 1.
    This is pretty annoying in high-powered cars that you want to feather the throttle at a certain RPM to get the best launch. I can always control throttle if I let the opening cutscene play out though.

  5. Each race starts with no mini-map until a few seconds after the countdown has gone and the cars are all off and racing.
    This is often way after i’ve picked a direction or realise the corner is coming up sooner than I thought.

  6. Cars and wheels seem to take a long time to render in the upgrade area. Much longer than FM 4, 5, 6 that i’ve played exclusively.
    After rendering, the car or wheel displays a little more quickly than the first load, but any time you go out and back into the car gallery they all lag again. Is it me or is it better on xbox one S/X? ( I have the original One)

  7. Completing a ForzavistaEDIT: ForzaTHON often doesn’t reflect until you quit the game and re-load it. Sometimes it’s immediate though, and the badge pops up etc. I don’t know why it’s so intermittent.

8) When selecting a car for a race, often the car on the right does not update to reflect the currently highlighted car from the scrollable list.

Overall loving the new release, yet to try online racing (still brushing up on the new physics)
Thanks in advance!

2 is a known glitch that happens occasionally.

All others are designed that way. Why? Who knows.


#6 is designed to be really slow and laggy? i doubt that. You go to the “buy car” area and everything is fast despite there being like 500 cars. Go to your garage with 300 cars and all of a sudden it takes 2 seconds each time you wanna switch car companies for example.

Throw in another glitch. In garage, the pictures of the cars on the left tab don’t always match up with what the car actually is.

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Oh yes! That’s right! When i’m scrolling down cars for a race, sometimes the picture remains of a car several cars ago although i’m currently on something completely different. I’ll add that to the list.

Ah! If it’s well-known perhaps it’ll get patched. Thanks!

It’s mentioned somewhere on the forum, sorry don’t have a link, but Turn 10 used a different way to render the cars in the garage, which takes a lot longer than the cars in the Dealer. It sucks they messed with it, but it’s the way they designed it. Possible glitch, but who knows for sure. I doubt urn 10 knows now at this point.

But you are right though. It shouldn’t be so slow to make the cars show up. It’s part of the reason that any custom livery can, and usually do revert to the gray livery. And reinstalling the game doesn’t help anything you mentioned. I redownloaded the game last night, and it’s still as slow as before.

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Thanks for the feedback! I was tempted to re-download but even on my 100mbit plan and all the port-forwarding working and my QoS giving full speed to my xbox IP, the download was peaking at 10mbps and it took almost two days (turned off at night) to download the 70Gb… so I wasn’t keen on trying that again!

I was hoping someone with an xbox x or s might say the render issues don’t exist for them and i’d know it’s a CPU speed or HDD speed issue but so far noone has confirmed. =-[

Forgive my ignorance but what badge pops up when you complete a Forzavista?

Sorry, Forzavista was the walk-around thing where you could explore certain cars. I meant to say Forzathon. When you complete a series of challenges in the Forzathon the name of the Forzathon you completed pops up with the associated gamer points and then your reward afterwards. (car, suit etc)