BUG: In Solo modes drivatars show as rank 1

While driving in Solo modes on exhibitions or otherwise any drivatars raced against show a drivatar level of 1. Previous versions of the game didn’t work this way. It is also using my xbox friends as the drivatar names and not other forza horizon 4 players.

Can this be fixed?


Same for me, I’ve never seen an AI who wasn’t level 1, and 90% use stock paint jobs

Yes. I find it annoying. I liked seeing my friends levels when they’re in my race and liveries on AI.

Same. Always always level 1. Annoying, honestly.

What’s annoying? Why do you even care about their level?


Breaks immersion. There’s a thing called “suspension of disbelief” that says that even though something is not true, if it at least pretends hard enough to be true, our brain will be willing to omit some clear mistakes so that we can enjoy everything.

When I see everyone as level 1 and everyone racing in either a Ford Focus or an Audi TT, the illusion is broken for me.

I hope this answers your question

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Drivatars are all broken. They are all lvl 1, using same two cars per whole grid and their license plates disappeared too

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Well i did saw some of my friend drivatar with its own paint job (An TTRS and a RS Cosworth) but it is rare thing.

I did the winter championship tho and they seem to… level up? At the last race of the championship (i wish i had pic but i thought it was a neat “feature”) 2 drivatars of the lots where level 2!

But the license plate aren’t present, can confirm that. They seem to switch car however.

I’ve yet to witness grids of Focus and TTRS like some claims so far level 178 and the map about done.

Any news on this? i have 8 avatars with lvl 1 and license plates and 3 avatars with levels but without licence plates. If i join a club everyone loose licence plates :frowning:

Apparently, not enough people care about this.

It doesn’t matter when they’re behind you.


Level means nothing in this game.
Is that why I can’t get out of first without someone smashing me, they think my level defines my driving?
You got a lot to learn lol.