Bug in open Racing

I was first after 3 laps over the finish line… 2nd guy was following me closely. He BUMPED me a tiny bit from behind about 30 meter before finish line. Be was 1 car length behind at LEAST.

He was BEHIND me at crossing finish line.

How can it be I become 2nd. And he FIRST. WTF.

Tossing coins again instead of fair competition?

Server lag

That makes only sense, in case that guy did not feel / experience bumping into me. Wondering what he saw - me bumping him instead from behind?

Does that mean 2 cars can bump each other from behind ( 2 bump from behind events) the same time due to “server lag”`? Sounds odd.

Server lag can do all sorts of weird stuff. I’ve seen the following:

  1. Cars stuttering forward. This is rare.
  2. Cars not starting at the start than seeing them blaze through everyone as server catches up. This was common early in the release but not now.
  3. Cars that ram you but can’t be rammed back. This is still common.

There are also claims of people actually cheating but I have not seen anything I would class as cheating opposed to server lag.

FH4 had the same problem, but it isn’t server lag, because it happens with Ai as well. It’s a calculation error… another bug. Or someone once said it’s based on your start position, but that’s a strange idea to put into the game. Although it is in that film La Mans 66.

Server lag, bug or something else. I don’t think it really matters when it’s out of our control.

NEvermind, just being dumb.

I have been racing with friends and they ask why I have taken them out. But on my screen I am a car length behind them.

Server lag, and CHEATERS. God, FH5 is plagued with them. And poor server optimization and cheaters is the worst combination, ever.

I might not remember that correctly, but in FH4 there was discussion about a conscious decision by the developers to give gamers on slower consoles (i.e. XBOX One) a little time bonus that lead to these effects. Might be still like that in FH5.