Bug in British racing green story?

Hi there, does anyone got 3 stars in the new story with peel? 69 km/h for 3 stars I tried it and with 69km/h it don’t work…

Any tricks?

That one was kinda annoying since I think the game requires you to hit the speed in MPH but if your display is in KPH, it kinda rounds up the decimals but it still doesn’t meet the required speed in MPH.

You have to find a line down the slopes that doesn’t bring you in contact with any bumps or obstacles and with almost no adjustment to the steering as well.

I finished at 64mph I believe, so you should be able to get a couple mph over the requirement, which gives you about 4.8 km/h to play with

I got it thank you, I just changed the unit to mph :+1:

There’s hundreds of 43.13mph times so I’m guessing we all followed the driving line and got 3 stars without cheating.

Edit: There’s time to go up the hill a bit for a longer run and I’ve got 43.33 just now.

If anyone hasn’t thought about this yet, turn right out of the drive, go a little ways and turn around for a longer approach if needed. I didn’t, and I hit required 3 star speed first try

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yep thats how i did it

done all the rest but anyone else having problem getting over 1 star on the lotus spirit?