BUG: Goliath 50 lap Disconnection

I raced for over 8 hours doing Goliath 50 lap, playing off and on for over a day, whilst on lap 43 or 44 I was randomly disconnected from the game, logged out of my account, and got a message that the game needed to restart since the account changed, however I logged back into my account I wasn’t able to do anything to get back into the race and lost a little over 8 hours of gameplay in a race I was so close to winning, it’s absolutely ridiculous I couldn’t simply get back into the race after logging back into my account and I hate that I wasted a day just to have all of it taken from me so close to the finish line, the rewards and time I spent all gone… Why couldn’t I simply get back into the race after I logged back into my Gamertag? Why is it deadlocked that if you randomly get disconnected from your account for whatever reason there’s no way for you to resume the race if you’re back on your account?
Platform: Xbox
GT: SuSpInTiOn

I’d love to see the rewards for at least getting that far but I know that won’t happen… For being in first place 99% of the race against Unbeatable Drivatars in a race that lasted way too long to see absolutely nothing is ridiculous and honestly makes me want to quit the game if hard work and patience gets rewarded with nothing…

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I think that’s the case on every game or at least every game I’ve played.

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That’s not a bug of the game, that’s an issue with Xbox Live and using the feature that logs in your account when you activate a specific controller. Sometimes it loses connection to the controller for a millisecond, short enough so you don’t notice, but it logs out your profile and then back in. At that point the game thinks you are gone and restarts. Only way around this is to not use auto-login by controller.

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Here’s an idea… Why not do the standard 1 Lap Goliath 50 times? Then, if you get booted, you’ll still have your winnings from the previous laps.


Doesn’t help the situation at hand, but it’s definitely the best takeaway here - don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Also pretty sure in Horizon 3 you’d get a game crash after 50 Goliath laps quite often anyway, so the OP may not have got their rewards regardless.

Doesn’t sound like a complete wasted day since you stopped to do other things during the race.

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Play offline - then you can’t get disconnected.

However we get frequent power cuts - so if you live near me you will hear me swearing loudly when I have spent hours trying to get a tough achievement only to have it snatched from me by a power cut - yes I should get a generator, or a UPS at least.

Living in a rural area, ALL my electronics are on a UPS

This is probably the best suggestion. It’s not a Forza issue, it’s an Xbox Live thing. It happens with all games, it’ll kick you out if you get signed out/lose connection.

Even if you have a solid internet connection you never know with Xbox. Even if I had internet that was reminiscent of 21st century product and not that of the string cup telephone, I still wouldn’t risk the time investment. You never know when something weird will happen with Xbox Live.

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