[BUG] Game starts smooth and eventually FPS keep dropping and become really laggy and unplayable

Anyone experiencing this issue? I reported the problem already:

Description: The game starts smooth and eventually FPS keep dropping and become really laggy and unplayable.
Steps Tried: Reduce graphics settings and disabled RTX, but same issue, I start with ~115 fps, and eventually FPS became fluctuating a lot (between 55-80) making the game very laggy. → UPDATE: now that i played longer session, noticed that FPS keep dropping to 30s, and I noticed that GPU usage is very low when FPS drops.

Platform: Steam
Specs: AMD 3700x CPU, 32GB RAM, SSD Storage, Nvidia GeForce 3090 GPU with up to date drivers, Windows 10.
Resolution: 3440x1440 @144hz (G-sync Compatible)

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I’m having the same issue with the game stuttering and gpu utilization dropping as low as 10% but I’m on the Xbox app and I’ve found that it only happens when I look to the north. I’ve tried going to different parts of the map restarting the game. Restarting the computer. rolling back drivers. Reinstalling the game. Deleting and re-downloading my save, I’ve even reinstalled the entire Xbox app and I’ve gotten nothing to work

10700k, 32gig ram, m.2 nvme ssd, 3080ti at 4k 140

Some people have “Record in the background while i’m playing a game” enabled at start menu → settings → gaming → capture
Same goes for “Highlights” recording in Geforce Experience overlay menu.

In other cases it’s related to people that have another dedicated / integrated GPU into the motherboard or in CPU. and you need to select the correct GPU in BIOS, and in Windows etc.

Having the same problem, I tried using the benchmark function in the game to try out different things. I ran alot of benchmarks with different settings to optimize my “normal” fps anyway. Restarted the game and my savefile was gone. And Steam did me a favor and turned off cloud sync beforehand. Sadpanda.

I’ve tried most things as ending explorer.exe before launching the game, having the mouse cursor visible/not visible in game, shutting off mosts overlays as xbox and steam etc.
I keep Geforce experience on as I want to save gameplay for my own little funny compilations.

Just beware of running the benchmark alot without steam cloud. My 110hrs became undone quickly.

3900x, 16gb ram, 2080S @ 1440P 144hz G-sync

This is a common issue at the moment with all Nvidia GPU, from 10Series to 30Series, the latest Nvidia driver was not fully tested before release and is causing havoc with Nvidia GPU users, the 10series users can get around 4hours play at a stable 60fps on 2K ultra, then it will drop to around 30fps, i have heard that 3090rtx users are reporting that they only get 30minutes of stable 60+fps on 2K and 4K Ultra then it also drops to 30fps, this fps drop is not a game fault, it is however an Nvidia graphics driver fault, it is the result of an untested gpu driver numbered as 496.76 .

I have also heard rumours that some gpu 30series users have experienced throttling that actually burnt out their GPU’s, not sure if its true but still it is alarming and makes us think “thats one way for Nvidia to force us to buy a new gpu”

If you can try to roll back your drivers via a clean install to 496.49 that should help, if you can get a pre 496 version then even better, some gamers have rolled back as far as version 417.12 .