[BUG] FH4 Fortune Island seasonal championships completed?

Hey, thats just the begining of the season and I have all my seasonal championships completed? C’mon, please fix it… It seems to affect only Fortune Island.

Saw this on the island this morning too. I try to do those first before the mainland, so that I dont have to jump back and forth!

Same here. Time for a support ticket.

Edit: I think I’ll try one later, see if it gives me the rewards or not. Might just be a visual bug. If someone else beats me to it, post your results and I’ll add the info to the ticket.

I may have run into this. I actually raised a thread in the support forum (Fortune Island spring seasonal not awarding wheelspin rewards - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums), because I missed this thread when I was looking beforehand. I didn’t think to check the status of the event beforehand, but it is definitely the case that I didn’t get the expected rewards from the event. This happening because the event was spuriously regarded as already completed would certainly fit.

Edit: Just fired the game back up. I definitely have run into this issue. All the fortune island seasonals are showing as completed, but I’d only done one of them. Therefore, can confirm that doing them won’t get you the rewards; it isn’t just a visual glitch.

This is affecting me as well, Xbox One X. Only Fortune Island. I happened to be online and on the island during the season change, if that helps.

I was offline and on the mainland when I came online and I noticed this problem as soon as I flew to the island so being online and on the island didn’t matter.

Same here. The PR stunts were OK for me even though I’d already reached the goals prior. Just the seasonal championships.

Although I haven’t checked I do remember doing these championships before as I have completed all of them but I didn’t get 1st place reward for fortunes wheel. So these championships have been re-released however the rewards haven’t been reset.

I’m having this same issue. I went to Fortune Island and it seems there is only one new seasonal event for me. It’s a super GT championship road race. The other two championships are all from last week that completed and the show as such. I think I also have only one new PR event with the other being one from last week also I completed.

I completed all the seasonal events and stunts in Greta Britain yesterday, but just loaded up the game to complete the Fortune Island seasonal events and they are showing as completed.

Shows “Spring” in the entry board when pressing X at the event, so not last weeks “Winter” event hanging in there.

Anyone else had this? [Mod Edit - thread merged, please remember to scan the page for existing threads before posting a new one - MM]

Agreed, this is affecting me on PC as well.

These are all challenges we’ve already done in a previous season that are coming up for Fortune Island this season. So they’re all showing as completed (if you completed them when they were first available a few seasons ago). The mainland is not affected by this issue and the new challenges are available there.

Hopefully they can get this fixed before the next season rolls over. If not, we’ll be missing out on a fair few wheel spins :frowning:

On island I saw it too and still tried one cup. Completion gives just standard cash prizes.

All my championships show as completed also…
I’m on the original Xbox One and wasn’t online when the season changed.

It is look like we all have same issue here.

Those FI seasonal championships are just the same we got 4 weeks ago. This bs is beyond any excuses. They just re-released the same content we already had.


So I hoped over to fortune island to do the seasonal championships, but they all say completed, Im curious if this is a bug, or if because it is an expansion, they wont be updated from the initial few weeks? The seasonal PR Stunts still work, but not the championships

This is affecting me too. Xbox One. All this weeks (spring) seasonal events on fortune islands are coming up as completed when i havent done them this week.
Mud and thunder sports utility heroes - solo.
Grass roots classic rally - solo.
Fortunes wheel super GT - solo.
I hope this bug gets fixed soon. The seasonal championships are one of the best things about this game - being able to tune cars that you might not usually play to get through a series of races for a reward. Shame.

Yeah. Same here. I think they’ll give us extra 9 wheelspins next week :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same issue, all the events on Fortune Island show as completed for this week even though I haven’t done any of them this season.

Hoping for 9 gifted wheelspins since that seems to be how they handle these glitched seasonal events.

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Add me to the affected list.