[Bug/Exploit] to ruin Team Adventure/Rivals

I don’t know if this bug/exploit was possible before today’s update but since I never ran into it and today a club member and myself had it both accidentally I think it could be new. It is reproducable but I won’t list here what to do neither will I answer it via personal messages.

The attentive reader might realize immediately what’s wrong here. To clarify: The 2018 911 GT2 RS is impossible to downgrade on A800. But with this bug/exploit it is possible to use every car (doesn’t matter what PI) on every class with only the restricted class shown. So you could run an X-class Sesto Elemento on A and it would show Sesto Elemento A800. Needless to say this would be too obvious to cheat in ranked and Rivals.

But who would recognize a car which can be legitimately tuned to say S900 but is actually 930,940 ? I would say not that many. So be aware of any new posted top Rivals times and cars that seem extremely overpowered in Team Adventure.

Goog job pg, they fix minor bugs that cause major bugs. And 40-50pi difference is really hard to tell because most peoples are “that guy is just that mutch faster than me”

Good find man, hopefully they fix it.
As an avid racer the couple times I have raced FH4 online so far its a disappointment of wall rides or people with mega hp+AWD just using the opponents and walls to stop and then accelerating away. The current worse state I can remember from the Forza franchise, however I know they tend to tweak away until they get it right…so I hope for the same here.