BUG / Controls not working when starting an Online Race

When starting an online race as a host my controls don’t work as soon as the race starts, the only thing i can still do is looking around with my mouse but keyboard and controller input doesn’t work anymore. i then get thrown out of the race and i am forced to alt+f4 to solve the issue. as soon as starting an online race the bug appears again.

I have same problem when i choose a blueprint event in xbox one x.

yes exactly, just when using blueprints…

But i have xbox not pc.If you read something or find a solution post it here.Thank you

To reprouce this bug you have to host a coop blueprint race while your NOT at the race site. If you drive to the race site and use thd blueprint it works fine. If you use a blueprint via the community hub it dont allow the host to do anything but close the game

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The blueprints that are in the hub are also in map?
We can go there by driving?