Bucket lust help: Audi at 150

I think it’s bucket list #19, it’s the Audi in the speed zone at 150 or above. I just can’t seem to get it. I get within 2 mph. I’ve tried getting a bit late longer run at it to enter over 165, but I lose too much speed in the first turn and it just doesn’t accelerate fast enough to make up for it.

I’ve turned all assists off, even tried manual shifting. Any advice? It’s the last one in the base game that I have left to complete.

I suck at drifting and prior to this bucket list, had 3 drift zones to complete, and I managed get them without to much trouble after turning all assists off.

That BL was PITA! It took me several tries to beat the speed by 2-3 mph (if I recall correctly).
I drive auto, everything off, steering = sim, and with only the braking line on. First turn is the most important, you have to keep your speed way up entering the zone, what worked for me is not braking but letting of the gas, and taking the turn flat out (by using part of the grass on the right). Finally the last turn before the zone ends, i had to modulate the brakes, and used the grass/shrubs to the left of the road.

Good luck!

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Got it finally. 152. Abs on, normal steering, auto, tcs on. After several failed attempts, I used rewind one time in the first corner after watching my entry fail, after rewind my entry was right one and the rest was good.

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Use all the road you can, including a bit of grass. And nail that apex.