Bucket list 19 on FH3 (Audi R8 must maintain 150 MPH)

Please help! I cannot beat this no matter what I do. I have seen youtube videos on how to do this, but when i’m getting to that curb at 160-170 MPH, i’m either breaking or using the side of the road to decelerate a bit, but it doesn’t help. I either lose control of the car, or get too slow to meet the reqs for this challenge. Please give me advice. When to break, what speed to achieve, I do go the other way during this challenge to increase my top speed during speed measurement. I generally break when i’m closer to the red area when the driving line is close. But i’m fairly new to Forza and I’m obsessed with this challenge.

It’s definitely a hard one! I tried the same trick of going the wrong direction at first to get more room to accelerate as the OP, but my best result is only 147 mph. I, too, would like advice here!

Me too! The most I have achieved was 148 MPH, and that was heartbreaking. This challenge is meant to be difficult, but I’m certainly open to any suggestions that might help me get better results. I have spent 2 hours trying to do a lot of things different, but to no avail.

This is how i did it → Forza Horizon 3 - Bucket List #19 - YouTube

I think that one took me about half a dozen attempts before i got it.

I’ve got all the completed Bucket List challenges on my channel if you get stuck on any others.

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did you break at any point? How did you keep control of the car? I almost always lose control of the car and it skids at that point. Did you let go of the trigger? I’ve seen countless of these videos, it’s still not helping :(. I need to know how to manage the car around that curve.

This turn section is a part of the Goliath Circuit so I’ve done it a lot and passed this challenge on the second try. If you are using the driving line, the amount of braking it tells you to do is overkill. Brake a little early, before you get to the red by a good 5 to 10 feet, but don’t brake hard. You only want to shave off just a little speed because you can get through the whole section without ever getting below about 145 mph. All that red showing up on the driving line is a lie. And you want to turn in early because you want to be pretty far to the right to setup the left-hander. For the left-hand turn, keep your foot down and turn in early, just missing the tree on the left side of the road.

This one wasn’t all that hard, but if you obey the driving line, you probably aren’t going to get it done. Gotta brake earlier but soft, and turn in early so that you can take the left-hander with the gas pedal buried.


Thank you! I got it three days ago with a speed of 152 mph.

tried this and nailed it!

I’ve got it for the tenth try and got 155mph XD Thankies!

My advice is… it is impossible to do this challenge in automatic. The car automaticallt goes to 6th gear and the speed limiter kicks in, when I played in manual it can stay in 5th and keep accelerating to 168. Hope this helps.

i hit curve at 1305ish 140 and hit 151 so its doable good luck Encryptlmp34008 hit me up in game if needed


I have been having the same problem and I actually came here for it. Non of them worked, however here is what I discovered.

Just drive as fast as you can to the speed zone. Once you get there immediately just let off the throttle. No braking though.

Once you hit the corner floor it and do not let go of the throttle at anytime through the rest of the zone.

Hope it goes well. I did it about 10 times before I found myself a good method.

This is the method that worked first time I tried it. Many frustrating attempts on a couple occasions before I went searching for tips. Thanks for posting it.

It is doable but my word, I nearly threw my controller through my telly screen.

I did this on my 10th try. It’s short so it’s easy to retry after failure.

If you nail the corners, you won’t get below the average goal at any moment whatsoever. The first bend is the most important because you must take it in a way that you exit the corner with good enough placement that you won’t need to brake or even lift in the left-hander just before the goal.

You can try using a bit of grass if necessary. :smiley: Cheap, but it works.