BTCC, Touring Cars, Rally, WRC

Just wanted to see how many awesome replicas and original designs there was out there for these disciplines of cars

also i thought i would share mine :slight_smile:
Clio Rally Car

Clio Rally 2

Renault Clio Rally Car Replica

team dynamics btcc

dynamics 2

Team Dynamics Honda Integra BTCC

Honda BTCC

honda btcc 2

Honda Works Team BTCC

hot wheels 1

Hot Wheels BMW Touring Car

toyota 1

Hot Wheels Celica Touring Car

chevy touring

Chevy Touring Car Original Design

Please share yours :slight_smile: n let me know what you think

Liking your Halfrauds livery, gonna have to get myself a Honda!


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some nice work dude, good start. just as always try and stay away from stock fonts where possible, but all in all some very nice work. Keep it up

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Like dose said, pretty good start for sure!


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Nice work mate!!

Hereโ€™s my simple but (in my opinion of course) effective Ford Motorsport Capri Rally Car

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Looks great Tarmaxx, will have to give it a download. havenโ€™t looked at Capri designs yet. looks very classic